The theme of the works is usually divine inspiration with mythical and religious connotations.  The works are designed to be monumental in order to be transposed to large public spaces. They follow the example of antiquity and are covered in colour.

The painted surfaces transform the material, the applied colour becomes more important than the material from which it was conceived.  The works are painted in vivid colours, warm-cold contrast or complementary. In my works I often resort to the trompe l’oeil effect, where other three-dimensional forms are born on the original form applied on a two-dimensional form. The sober form of the sculpture thus dresses up in the garb of celebration, entices you to contemplate, to escape from everyday life into a dream world.

The works are designed for public spaces. They are sold together with the copyright, with the idea of transposing it to large sizes. Advice is offered on the transposition of the work to large sizes and in the material desired by the client. The painting on the surface of the work will be executed with the express consent of the author, or, at the agreement of the parties, against payment by the author.

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